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“Complexity” is a rapidly expanding frontier in evaluation. This expansion results from dissatisfaction with the ability of programs to improve the social condition, and with the limitations of our program theories and methodologies to predict or explain program behavior.

But what does “complexity” offer to those of us who design evaluations, interpret data, and try to help stakeholders? What can we apply instrumentally? What can we apply metaphorically?

When: Friday, June 3
Where: Chocolate Lake Hotel 20 St.Margaret’s Bay Road, Halifax
Cost: CES MEMBER- $140

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On the evening of June 20th, NSHRF is hosting a one hour public event with world-renowned health thought leader and chair of the World Health Innovation Network, Dr. Anne Snowdon. Register Now

Click here to view this month's edition of NSHRF's E-News

Click here to view this month's edition of NSHRF's E-News

Registration is open for the 3rd annual Primary Health Care Research Day on June 9, presented by the Collaborative for Research in Primary Health Care (CoR-PHC). Research Day is an opportunity for the primary health care community to come together and discuss the ways that research is impacting primary health care in Nova Scotia.

This year’s event will feature keynote speakers Dr. Jean-Frederic Levesque and Dr. Sabrina Wong and leaders from Primary Health Care and the Department of Family Practice, Nova Scotia Health Authority.  Poster and presentation abstracts are also being accepted.

When: June 9, 2016|8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Where: Atlantica Halifax, 1980 Robie St.
Registration: $100 ($35 for students), deadline May 20, 2016

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For more information about CoR-PHC and Primary Health Care Research Day visit http://www.dal.ca/sites/cor-phc/home.html or email Jessica Nowlan.


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In 2016 the NSHRF will be hosting the Associated Medical Services (AMS) project grant and post-doctoral fellowship program on behalf of AMS. The purpose of this program is to promote scholarship, teaching and public interest in history of health care, disease and medicine.

To learn more about AMS and these funding opportunities, click here.