Decade Club

The Decade Club was established in 2010 on the occasion of the NSHRF’s 10th anniversary to recognize the individuals who support and contribute to the NSHRF. Awards are issued annually to recipients who have been involved for 10 years in helping to establish the NSHRF as a leading health research foundation.

Recipients are recognized at the annual NSHRF Awards Gala, and presented with a certificate and pin. The pin, designed and created by artist Greg Sims, incorporates the NSHRF logo and is based on the abacus, with 10 sliding beads spelling out DECADE CLUB. The pin symbolizes the dedication, service and reliability of Decade Club members, recognizing their contributions to the NSHRF, honouring their achievements, and celebrating their commitment to health research.

2017 Inductees

Dr. Janet Curran
Dr. Jean Gray 
Dr. Jill Hayden
Dr. Sara Kirk
Dr. Raymond Klein
Mr. Eric Rushton
Mr. Shawn Ward

2016 Inductees

Dr. Karen Brebner
Dr. Peter Mullen
Lindsay Peach
Dr. Kevin Vessey
Linda Waterhouse

2015 Inductees

Dr. Steven Bearne
Dr. Robert Bortolussi
Meredith Campbell
Dr. Arla Day
Dr. Lori Francis
Dr. David Gardner
Dr. Doris Gillis
Dr. Kevin Kelloway
Dr. George Kephart
Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener
Dr. Charmaine McPherson
Dr. Deborah Norris
Dr. Sheri Price
Dr. Steven Smith
Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke
Maureen Summers
Lisa Underwood
Dr. Patricia Williams
Dr. Brian Wilson

2014 Inductees

Marie Deveau
Dr. Amitabh Jha 
Dr. Gerald Johnston
Dr. Isabel Smith
Dr. François Tremblay
Dr. Bilkis Vissandjee 

2013 Inductees

Dr. Susan Bryson
Dr. Gail Eskes
Dr. Susan Howlett
Dr. Cheryl Kozey
Dr. Michael Leiter
Dr. Peter McLeod
Dr. Peter Pennefather
Dr. Grace Warner

2012 Inductees

Dr. Jack Altman
Dr. William Baldridge
Dr. Carl Breckenridge
Dr. Roy Duncan
Dr. Joanne Gallivan
Dr. Shanthi Johnson
Dr. Susan Kirkland
Dr. Stephen Kisely 
Dr. Angela Kolen-Thompson
Dr. David Westwood
Dr. Pollen Yeung

2011 Inductees

Dr. Steve Barnes
Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan
Dr. Jean Hughes
Dr. Janice Keefe
Dr. Ben Rusak
Dr. Richard Singer
Dr. Sherry Stewart
Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard
Dr. Madine VanderPlaat

2010 Inductees

Dr. Penny Corkum
Dr. Don Langille
Dr. Tong-Jun Lin
Dr. Geoffrey Maksym
Dr. Patrick McGrath
Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy
Dr. Victor Rafuse
Dr. John Ruedy
Dr. Christopher Sinal
Colleen Clattenburg
Krista Connell