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The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet), of which our CEO, Krista Connell is a Board Member, is hosting a Public Forum on September 13th. Attendees of the forum will have the chance to hear about the innovative arrhythmia research being done by CANet Network Investigators, to connect with other arrhythmia patients and caregivers, and to interactively learn about devices, treatment and experiences. 

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 5:30 – 8:00 pm
Location: Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Cost: FREE


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Congratulations to Dr. Robin Urquhart, Dalhousie University, for receiving funding from CIHR’s 2016-2017 Foundation Grant. NSHRF has been proud to support Robin since her time as a research trainee, and she was also the recipient of the Quest, The John Ruedy Award in 2010. Robin utilized NSHRF’s Pre-Submission Peer Review process in the Success Program to create her successful application.

“I know my application was greatly strengthened as a result (of the Success Program),” says Robin. “I am exceedingly thankful to NSHRF for facilitating this.”

Congratulations, Robin. Well deserved!

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Pride Week Lunch and Learn series on LGBTQ health issues on July 24 & 25.

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Each month, a clinical-research from the IWK Health Centre presents their research. This month, Dr. Andrea Bishop discusses the research being carried out around discharge communication from the Emergency Department. Learn more about the knowledge behind decision making required to provide the best care for patients and families. For questions, please contact: idr@iwk.nshealthca


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