Apply using the Grants Management System (GMS) and Canadian Common CV (CCV)

To apply for grants and awards within the NSHRF’s Grants Management System (GMS), you will need to create a GMS account and have an account in the Canadian Common CV (CCV).

1. GMS Account

To create an account in the NSHRF’s GMS, navigate to and read the terms carefully before agreeing.

Complete the required fields, then click ‘Submit Registration’. If the information is entered correctly, you will be emailed a link to verify your email address and to finalize the account creation.

Please note: The NSHRF uses this profile content as our main contact management system. Please ensure all details are kept up to date.

2. Canadian Common CV Account

The Canadian Common CV (CCV) Network is a partnership of Canadian research funding organizations to streamline the process researchers use to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) with grant applications. The web-based system allows researchers to manage their CV in one place and share it with all member organizations.

To create a new CCV account, click here.

To login to an existing CCV account, click here.

3. NSHRF-Validated CCV

All applicants or team members with an academic appointment require a NSHRF-validated CCV. After completing the required fields on the CCV, users must validate their PIN (the email address associated with your GMS account) and submit an NSHRF CV within the CCV. You will need to provide your GMS account information (email address and GMS password) in order to successfully match your CCV and GMS accounts. 

Instructions for validating your PIN and submitting your Common CV to NSHRF can be found here.

Please contact the NSHRF Helpdesk with any questions.

Navigating GMS

Once you have an account in the GMS, you are able to log in and access a variety of help documents located in the Applicant menu.

Application Status Glossary of Terms


In Draft - Not Submitted: The user has started the process, but has not completed all the required information. 

In Draft- Missed Deadline: The user has not submitted their application before the deadline. 

Withdrawn: The user has chosen to withdraw their application from the competition.

Submitted - Institution: The user has submitted the application allowing the institution administering the funds to review and approve the submission. This does not mean the submission process is complete. 

Not Approved- *Name of Institution Administering Funds*: The institution administering funds has not approved the submission of the application. It has not been submitted to NSHRF.

Submitted – NSHRF: The institution has approved the application and it has been submitted to NSHRF. This means your application has been fully submitted to NSHRF. This does not mean the submission is eligible. 



Eligible: NSHRF has reviewed the application and deemed it eligible for review. 

Not Eligible: NSHRF has reviewed the application and deemed it not eligible for review. 

Withdrawn: The user has chosen to withdraw their application from the competition.