Acknowledging NSHRF

Acknowledging NSHRF

As part of the NSHRF’s commitment to transparency and accountability for its use of public funds, we are responsible for keeping Nova Scotians informed about who receives NSHRF support, the type of health research that is being conducted with the funds, the centres conducting the research and how the funds are being administered. Researchers funded by the NSHRF are expected to proactively disseminate their findings through peer reviewed publications in quality journals, the media and other means so that their work will have maximum impact and utility. It is expected that the support of the NSHRF will be acknowledged in an appropriate manner.

The NSHRF expects to be acknowledged as a funder when you, your institution or funding partner:

  • Make a presentation or give a speech, seminar or workshop related to your work
  • Win an honour or award related to your work
  • Act as a spokesperson for media on an issue of public importance
  • Promote your research at conferences, in publications, or through advertising/public relations activities

How To Acknowledge the NSHRF Funding

When acknowledging the NSHRF, you may choose to use wording such as:

  • This (insert project name/study/program here) was supported by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (hyperlink Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation to
  • Dr. Jane Doe of Dalhousie University is funded by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF).
  • Dr. Jane Doe, a NSHRF-funded researcher from Dalhousie University.
  • This study was supported by the Nova Scotia Health Rearch Foundation (NSHRF).
  • “…,” according to Dr. Jane Doe, whose work is funded by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation.

Using the NSHRF logo

The NSHRF logo must be incorporated when acknowledging NSHRF funding in a news release, the acknowledgement section of a poster, or any other publications. High-resolution versions of the NSHRF logo can be obtained by contacting: 
Communications Officer
Ph: (902) 424-1509

For tips such as interacting and letter writing to local politicians on the importance of health research, please visit Knowing About Research (KARes) Program Activities.