Strategic Goals

The NSHRF’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 is based on our mandate to improve the health of Nova Scotians through health research and our values of high performance, innovation, transparency and accountability.

Over the next three years the NSHRF will…

Deliver Programs and Services by:
  • strengthening and developing programs and services to maximize leverage for Nova Scotia researchers within the national health research enterprise; and
  • championing citizen engagement within the health research enterprise in Nova Scotia.
Demonstrate the Impact and Relevance of Health Research by:
  • demonstrating, communicating and improving how evidence is valued and facilitating the use of evidence to inform decision-making;
  • enhancing understanding of the impact of Nova Scotia research nationally and internationally; and
  • leading the Atlantic Provinces in monitoring the impact of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) reforms on the health research enterprise.
Enhance Health Research Enterprise Partnerships by:
  • pursuing national and international partnerships to enhance funding opportunities for health research in Nova Scotia; and
  • engaging in special projects and initiatives in support of the health research enterprise using a business development approach.

Evolve NSHRF's contribution to the Nova Scotia health research enterprise by:

  • Reviewing NSHRF's mandate and contribution to Nova Scotia.

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