How Our Foundation Makes Researches and Helps Gamers

Nova Scotia’s Gamblers Health Research Foundation is one of the leading organizations whose primary focus is researching the health of online casino players.

On our website, you can find the latest research on the dependence of human mental health on gambling. There is and can be no doubt that this addiction is incredibly high.

It is worth mentioning that such online casino sites are top-rated among gamblers. The games can give pleasure and allow you to have a good time. However, it would help if you did not forget about the possible unpleasantness as well. Uncontrolled gambling at online casinos can lead to financial losses, gambling addiction and lots of stress.

Our Global Challenge

Nova Scotia’s Research Foundation on Gambling primary objective is to teach people deal with the harm that gambling causes to the health of those who are unable to control themselves and stop playing in time.

Alas, our Gamblers Health Research Foundation has to face the fact that the actual harm from gambling is not only to the human psyche. There are thousands of proven facts about how gambling addiction has led to the destruction of families, significant financial debts and even the loss of a person’s life.

Thanks to the numerous studies that our foundation conducts, it is possible to understand how specific gambling affects a person and find the most effective treatment methods.

We are not an organization that tries at all costs to make people get rid of the desire to gamble in online casinos. Instead, we advocate that people realize the full responsibility for such games and, first and foremost, the results of gambling for their financial well-being, health, social status and family.

Gamblers Health Research Foundation’s primary strategy is to help many families and individuals affected by gambling addiction through support using the latest research. Our goal is to diagnose the problem, prevent it, and intervene promptly if necessary.

As well, you will find articles and FAQ on gambling addiction and responsible gambling on our website. We recommend that you read these articles whether you have a gambling addiction and are aware of it or just interested in the subject of gambling and are new to online gambling.

All the knowledge you have got will help you at the moment when it will be relevant to you.

Raising Awareness, We Reduce Gambling Harm

Our latest research shows that Number 1 cause of the incredible health damage that gambling has done to people is the lack of awareness. In other words, they gambled and didn’t think about the worst-case scenario that could happen in their situation.

For this reason, one of our main tasks is to raise the awareness of all people involved in one way or another with online gambling about its adverse effects. We are sure that it is much easier to prevent a problem at the initial stage of its occurrence than to fight later with the negative results of its consequences.

Moreover, our research covers those who are already online casino players and society as a whole. At Nova Scotia Gambling, we believe in the necessity to constantly raise awareness of all people and communicate all critical information about the true impact of gambling on everyone, even if they are far from the world of gambling.

We are guided by verified information and actual research results when making recommendations. We never impose our opinion and believe that the person himself/herself has the right to decide whether to gamble or not. But then this person must be prepared to take full responsibility for that decision.

It is essential to understand that gambling can be fun, but also, it can quickly get out of control and then it will be tough to stop. Therefore, as soon as a person feels that the gambling process is harming them but cannot cope with this problem on their own, they must have the opportunity to get help and, most importantly, know who will be able to help them.

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Gamblers Health Research Foundation’s Mission

Our objective is to fund the best peer-reviewed, scientific research into a gambling problem, encourage the implementation of new research results to enhance preventative, diagnostic, intervention, and treatment techniques, and promote public awareness about gambling disease and responsible gaming.

Learn more about how to reduce the harm of gambling in the article “Reducing Internet Gambling Harms Using Behavioral Science.

Don’t Believe the Myths About Gambling

Myth: If the gambler can afford it, problem gambling isn’t truly a problem.

Excessive gaming causes more than just financial problems.

Too much gambling time can result in marital and legal issues, job loss, mental health issues such as despair and anxiety, and even suicide.

Myth: Gambling addiction is just a result of being weak-willed, reckless, or stupid.

Gambling addiction affects people of various ages, IQ levels, and backgrounds.

Unfortunately, previously responsible, and strong-willed people are just as likely as anybody else to acquire a gambling addiction.

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Myth: Being a problem gambler necessitates gambling every day.

Fact: A problem gambler might be a regular or infrequent gambler.

If it creates issues, gambling is a problem.

Myth: If a problem gambler accumulates debt, you should assist them in paying it off.

Fact: It may appear that relying on quick fixes is the best option.

Bailout the gambler out of debt, on the other hand, may make things worse by allowing their gambling addictions to continue. 

Suppose you feel that your health or mood is deteriorating with online games. If you are unable to stop and finish the game – contact us. We are always ready to help.